When you are successful- so am I.  I understand what you are facing. A new job search can be exciting, daunting, exhilarating and anxiety provoking. It takes time, thought, persistence, confidence and diligence. With a professional partner in me and a superior resume and cover letter, your edge over the competition in getting the interview is greatly increased!

Drawing from many years of professional experience both writing and reading resumes, I will guide you through the process of gathering information to then create a superior resume and cover letter that will rapidly gain the attention of your choice employers.

An initial phone consultation will be conducted during which I can determine the best path to follow in creating your new resume and cover letter. If you have a previous version of your resume, that can be used as a starting point. If not, no worries– I will gather the information needed through phone and email communications and with questionnaires designed to solicit the most valuable transferable skills and attributes you possess for your target job.

After gathering and sorting all of your information, an initial draft of your new resume will be completed in about 3 days and returned to you for review and further discussion. A well-crafted superior resume can go through several reiterations before the final version is complete.

An accompanying cover letter, carefully designed to quickly capture the reader’s attention, will be created for your target job search. The cover letter is a very important document that should always accompany your resume. It provides an opportunity for job seekers to present their most desirable skills and characteristics in a manner that brings life and personality to the person behind the resume.

Through follow up conversations and emails, additional coaching in job search skills and employer and recruiter methods will be shared to better prepare you for today’s job search process.

With a professional partner in me and a superior resume and cover letter, your invitations for interviews will be significantly and immediately increased!